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Brave and Beautiful


Sometimes you

Bare your soul

And there is silence.

You do not know whether they think you are an


Or they just do not know what to say.

So you wrap yourself back up knowing

That you are brave and beautiful regardless.

Let them be them and you be you.

There is no right or wrong in the realm of 


Side lines


There are those souls in life who return to the sidelines.
They are the ones we turn to
The souls who do not relish the spotlight.
Not glory.
Those who cheer us on,
Stay steady and strong.
Who doctor our wounds
And share words of wisdom.
Patting us on the backs as they send us back out there
Having faith in our capabilities we cannot see ourselves.
We forget sometimes they themselves
Are human.



Soul on soul.

Becoming together.

Heated touch upon skin.

We  move nearer,  into one


In limbo no longer,

We collide.

We have been here eternally.

Lifetimes ago.

I was going mad waiting for you.

We carried an insanity in our minds

Until we realized,

Until we recognized the

Soulshine reflected in our eyes.

A familiarity known.