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Is it not amazing

That your soul has awakened to things

My soul has not

And visa versa?

Here we are learning from each other with every


Every moment.

We are like puzzle pieces to this

Big, beautiful

Tumultuous puzzle of life.

Different colors, shapes and sizes

Fitting together to create

A mind blowing,

Breath catching


If we so choose.


They Too


I used to run and hide when people hurt me.

I gave away my power without a second thought.

I used to give them my tears and time.

I am learning to turn around


To forgive and honor the soul of each heart and mind.

To give more tears and time

To joy.

To see beauty in both dreams and reality.

I am learning they too are afraid,

They just show it in a different way.

Brave and Beautiful


Sometimes you

Bare your soul

And there is silence.

You do not know whether they think you are an


Or they just do not know what to say.

So you wrap yourself back up knowing

That you are brave and beautiful regardless.

Let them be them and you be you.

There is no right or wrong in the realm of