Monthly Archives: August 2019



The trees before me

Wave an acknowledging hello

As the wind escorts the clouds

All blue and gray

Over the mountain peak.

And unexpected joy

Seeps into my skin as

A deer wanders near my seat and stops to stare.

An ant wanders onto my foot.

I know he is lost

For I have nothing to

Offer him.

Back to the dirt he returns.



Shadows on the walls

Sun up high,

But I cannot move.


I know you have to go but I don’t want you too.

I feel I should have done more,

Said more.

There is never enough time when the end is coming.

Feeling selfish cause it is not all about me,


Yes it is because i love you so.

And you say the light is blinding

And you will always be here


I don’t care,

I just don’t care.

I want you here where I can see you.

I want you here where I can hold you.

I just want you here.

I know you are in pain

And i know you are strong.

As soon as we are born

We know we are going to move on

Doesn’t make it any easier.

Your Thoughts


The dead ones are not hanging on

To deeds done,

Things said.

You are,

The alive one

And it keeps you immobile and tangled in


No action.


With the beating heart and thinking mind.

Let the past go.

It is an unbearable weight

A hefty anchor


Thorny tether.

Let the heavy bits dissolve and up

Up you go.

Freedom lies in your thoughts.

Go On


And just like that

Out of sight

Out of mind

And the

Everyday goings on



The cogs and gears of the world keep

Turning whether

One is ready or not

And there is

A click click clicking

And a tick tick ticking at every turn


A knocking at every door

Where to go

What to do

Cease the madness.

Stop fearing and be.