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We cannot change the past

But we certainly can make sure we send nothing but love

Into the future.

We can refuse to continue throwing

Hate and anger into the future for the children to clean up.

We are here and we are now.

We are not living anyones life but our own.

We are here and now.

What can we do in the here and now to love?

Forgive. Honor. Cherish. Listen.

We can refuse to throw debris and the weight of hate forward into little hearts and hands

To catch.

We lay it down here.

We let it go now

So they may be free;

Have room to

Hold, love, carry and help.


Is enough.

Accept we are enough and they too are enough.

Love is enough.

Loving hearts, loving minds and loving actions.

Under water


She walks around under water

But her chests rises and falls,

Rises and falls.

And the trees are standing tall

In her under water world,

The birds fly high.

And the people walk with their heads hanging heavy

But their chests rise and fall

Rise and fall;

And no one knows whether they are awake or dreaming at all.

Another Day


My heart slows.

The Elk and deer are grazing while the sun is dipping

Below the horizon.

I know shortly the fox will come scouting

And eagerly return to his den with a mouse

Clenched in his teeth.

The bunnies are nibbling on tender shoots and the Eagles have flown back to their nests.

The geese are relentless in their calls,

Honks echoing overhead

As the great crane swoops up and away;

All to return another day.



Share your thoughts

But release the intentions to control

Or change

Peoples thoughts and beliefs.

Here one creates a barrier with expectations.

Trust the timing of everything.

Let stillness embody the mind

With every thought, movement and touch;

With this comes clarity and flow.

Continue loving,

Keeping heart and hands open to help.

Mind Made


Some will see the beautiful light of another soul,

Who loves unhidden,

And they will be consumed by self,

Pointing out and focusing only on the shadows cast.

Do not be disheartened for they themselves are in A dark place and have not looked within Themselves to see their own beautiful light.

Keep shining ;

Keep loving unattached to their words and definitions.

Do not remain trapped in a human mind made prison.

You are enough as are they.

You have always been free.

You are free.