Monthly Archives: February 2014

Maybe Not


He yells again.
I fall to the shadows
Inside my soul.
I don’t know if I can take anymore.

I close my eyes and fly
To a magical, quiet place.
I close my heart
And cringe as he touches
My face.

My stomach turns
I hold my breath
Knowing I’ve made him upset
Once more.

And I feign the act of life.

I smile outside
As strangers
Continue to walk by.
Avert my eyes.
Always looking down
While I silently
Crumple to the ground.

Maybe I’m not strong enough.
Maybe I’m a fool.
Maybe living in this deranged

Place is

Where I’m meant to be.
Maybe I’ve misunderstood the
Meaning of free.

Then again,

Maybe Not.



And here I return
To the red dirt.
Return to the stillness
In me.
To the place I first found peace.
And my soul does weep
As again
The sand does slip through my
As the earth
Does settle my soul
With its beautiful Song.
The healing of time
My desire to climb
Back to the stars
And beyond.

Love and light,

Earth and air,

Combine to provide
The current so that I may glide
Higher and higher
To places and desires
Yet to be journeyed
By my heart.

Hey You



Hey you
I see you standing there
All alone
Just like me.
I want to say
I get you!
Hey you
Thinking you are
The only one
Standing alone.
Look at me
I want to say
Do you get me?
Because we are not so
We’re not so alone.
We are
The same
In so many ways.
When you want to scream
Don’t you see?
So do I!
When you want to scream
Look at me!
So do I!
Because I feel it too
What you’re going through.
I feel it too
Me and you.
Hey you
Standing there
Looking so scared.
I feel it too
I get you.
Hey you
Looking at me.
I know you see
I feel it too
I get you.



We are all just seekers of
Love and laughter,
And truth.
Whatever we are after
The words only define
The same feelings inside
One and all.
And the
Earth continues to spin
Oblivious to these desires,
The fires burning in our souls.
And we carry on,
Waking up
Determined to define them,
Find them
In different ways.
Nevertheless the desire
Love and laughter
Acceptance and truth

Breath By Breath


I am
Trying to revive myself.
I often catch myself holding my breath
And just standing still.
Staring into the distance.
My mind
Wandering through
Unbelievable realms.
My soul trying to escape.
I am
Doing my best to pull myself
Away from a past lifetime that
Has left me
So broken,
And somehow
Stronger than I once believed.
Yet step
Single step
I am managing.
And bit
By little bit
I am holding my head
Breath by
The air is getting lighter.
With each
I add to my new song,
My soul is shining brighter.