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Last Time


Black off the shoulder dress,

Patterned with little pink flowers.

My skin

Tan and sand brushed.

Last time I wore it was in Egypt.

A beautiful night, it was.

Clear and star filled.

I feel everything all at once when I look at.

Barefeet continued

Dancing long after they hurt.

Laughed and smiled so much;

People thought I was drunk.

It has a hole in it I never fixed,

I kept it anyway.

So there it hangs with a variety of other

Colorful memories.

Time to sew it up or let it go.




Now I sit in the rocker by the window.

The motion,

The melodious creak bringing me 


And I stare at the trees and the clouds

Swaying in the rhythm of the wind.

An occasional

Blue jay or dove stops within my view 

In search of nourishment.

And I let my mind wander where it will

As light slowly

Slinks away to make room



Darkest Dark


Shedding tears.

The darkest of dark in my chest

This night.

Moonlight casts no shadow

From wall to wall.

I will not give up.

I will not give in.

Sweet slumber comes to cradle me.

She takes me to fields of lavender where

I dance until I am weary.

Elation fills my veins.

She flies me to the very mountain tops

Amongst the clouds where I fill my lungs once more;

Fill my eyes with curiousity .

I play in the deepest seas of blue.

I sink,

I float.

It does not matter here for my struggles are lost elsewhere in these dreams tonight.

She gives me what I need;

Sweet dreams.

And in the morning I lift my gaze to the sun.

I thank my dreams for keeping me company

And leave them under my pillow for the

Day awaits me now.