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Different rules in every mind.

Each crossing different lines that they deem acceptable exceptions,

Then getting angry when others

Do their own thing.

Always someone going faster,

Always someone going slower.

So many minds with so many thoughts on how it should be,

Arguing over who is right and who is kinder.

(if we could only hear ourselves arguing over who is kinder )

If we could only see ourselves puffing out our chests believing we have won.

This is not a game,

(Sometimes it feels like it has turned into one big game).

Who is smarter, who has it harder.

Everyone telling,

Very few listening,

Truly listening.

Many clamoring knowing

A little piece about so much.


Unawareness spread out into little bits.

A couple thoughts on this and that

Knowing nothing about nothing.

Anger rising without sense.

Few just let it be and see.


Are comfortable enough with this journey to

Observe and listen

And Be.

There is always more to learn,

In turn becoming quieter.






What’s done is done.

This moment,

What is yet to come.

My mind keeps



And wondering.



And forgetting.

Let sleep come none to soon

And carry me to dreamland

Where no one

Restrains these


These imaginings and reminiscings in

Sweet, vivid colors

As I dance through fallen

And falling leaves in the deep

Magical forest.

Snowflake flurries.

My amusement and joy magnified

In kaleidoscopic colors and melodies.



Peaceful breaths.

No Denying


She knelt in the snow and clasped her hands to her


Her fragile voice began to talk to anyone

Who might be listening;






“Why am i so slow,

So aware?

Why does my heart overflow with love,

Yet my body shy from all?”

In the the peace in the air between her breathes

She felt their reply.

“You suffered great trauma child.

You denied yourself validation of pain.

You rejected love of others

And refused to honor yourself.

Fear became imbedded in your cells.

They are rebuilding themselves

And are reemerging as light.

Holy light of love.

Be patient.

Accept the light. Accept the love.

Lift your gaze to meet yourself in

All your grace.

You can deny yourself being no more.”

And light became her as she opened her


Her heart boundaries dissipated as

One became one.



There are no words to write.

No words to say.

That is okay.

There is more beauty than can be explained. There is more space between than can be fathomed.

More sense.

More healing.

Do not force what is not meant just to fill a space.

Let it be itself, let it be free, unchained.

Let it flow onward and away.

There is peace in nothing to say.

No more to add.

No more to take away.

Continue in stillness.



I walked on


I watched the

Eagles fly.

I hear the whoosh of the air

On their wings as they glide overhead.

The higher they go

The stronger my heartbeat.

And I heard the brush rustle


Turning just in time

To see 3 deer leaping into my path.

Alert and tentative.

For a moment I expect to see a predator on their heels.

But no.

And we gaze into each others eyes for what seems like time indefinite .

And i feel that whole lifetime of anxiety leave my bones.

Stillness fills my cells.

My mind clears and my heart swells.

Peace. I am as i am meant to be.

I find myself by the river where I immerse myself in nature’s song.

I become the water and the stones who mean

Each other no harm.

They merely add to the symphony.

As do I;

I know.

This is true.