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Living and breathing is art
Art as we call it
It’s like love as we call it
Like air
Like heaven
A mere word spoken
A mere pen to paper
Paint to canvas
Voice to song
Body to dance
Art is in your heart
Art is in your eyes
How you you perceive is how you see

Back To Love


I want to hear you whisper my name

With a craving ignited

From unrevealed dimensions


(A breathless

Quivering voice.)


Crawling on hands and knees.

 Whispering as you plead for water;

Begging to saturate your parched lips.

I want to feel your hands searching for treasures;

Your fingertips wandering with anticipation


New found discoveries

And your lips to trail every last inch of me

In dire need of reciprocation.

I want to feel  you


And reach a point of such great intensity,


Summit so high,

Your whole body becomes immobilized

Waiting for oxygen.

And I want to be the breath of life

That brings you back to


Old Piano


Once this old piano knew happy days

For music brings joy

And passion.

Cobwebs and dust have settled on the keys.

Broken strings and rust sleep well

In dark places.

Notes forgotten

For it cannot play itself

Back to


Yearning for the feel of

Warm fingers upon

The ivory;

For harmonious voices to join in

All its melodic glory;

For bodies full of life and love to glide and swing as one.

Silence plays


Time does not forget,

People do.



I look at my feet

And try to will them to move.

Just keep moving.

(if you are feeling empty that means you can be filled up)

Step to the floor and stand up dear girl.

(just move)

Don’t let your mind go under.

Lift your gaze from the ground.

(look around)

Stop misplacing your mind.

It does not leave you

But you do.

(try to smile and move if just a little bit)