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These are the days.

You hear it said again and again

And ignore the wisdom.

You cannot shake everything you think is Wrong and carry it.

Carry it on and on.

And the days go.

Change your mind,

Change your heart.

Your view will start to morph,

For these are the days.

Then they are gone,

You are gone.


Many Days


Many hours

Even music cannot fill the darkness.

So in silence I sit,

In silence

I am full.

Many days my heart is too heavy,

My sight barricades itself

I have not the strength to lift


Pen and place it to paper

Or my eyes to sunlight.

I sit in darkness.

In darkness I rest.

And I sink

Beyond my knees to earth.

Beyond touch of hand

Or restless thoughts

Where I lie.

For I do not even whisper there,

I do not not even cry.