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 Exposed to the elements of

The changing seasons.

She sways as

The frigid northern wind finds its way

Inside her,

Playing music on her bones.

Her inner self fragile

Upon this path.

Still she moves

Trying to glimpse the moon


Light years and wonder.

He is seeking too.

Wishing to glimpse her

As she basks naked in his glow.

She Disappears


There she stands.


Scared to death to be beautiful.

The word alone makes her feel ashamed.

Uninvited hands touch her.

They grope her hair,

Her thighs.

She has heard the sighs as she enters the room

But never lifts her gaze.

She has felt their eyes under her clothes.

She smells of rosewater and lavender.

Wants you to love her,

But as you approach she will always

Slip back into the shadows.

Placing the iris petals you have given her

Into her hair.

Holding onto her heart for dear life.

Hushed in the stillness

She disappears

Before your eyes.

From The Beginning



I dissolve into the sky.


Takes me by the soul.

The open road.

The crashing surf.

So much magnificence to behold




This earth.

The very roots of the trees share my

Ancient truth.

They know the origin

Of my the journey.

If I stand still

And breathe


Remember the connection.

The very source of




I am.

Sneak Out


Let’s sneak out after midnight.

Meet me down the road.

We’ll go running through the field.

Nobody will know.

Bring your father’s bourbon

And a radio too.

We’ll listen to some music.

Maybe dance a song or two.

I’ll bring us a blanket

And wear my yellow dress.

The one I wore last summer.

The one you like best.

We’ll lay down with each other.

Not breathe a single word.

Because we know what our hearts are saying.

Nothing that can be heard.

We’ll count the stars to a million.

We’ll laugh until we cry.

We’ll hold each others hands.

Watch the lightening bugs make fire in the


And I can’t wait to see you.

Can’t wait to breathe you in.

Can’t wait to see your laughing eyes

And do it all again.

She Thought.


She thought.

She did not think.

She loved.

She believed she loved.

She thought she was awake.

She was only dreaming


Here she lies staring

At the ceiling.


Sleep evades her

This darkest night

As so many nights before.

Once again she tosses and turns,

Unpleasant thoughts raging inside her brain.

More often than not this bed is no friend.