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Last Time


Black off the shoulder dress,

Patterned with little pink flowers.

My skin

Tan and sand brushed.

Last time I wore it was in Egypt.

A beautiful night, it was.

Clear and star filled.

I feel everything all at once when I look at.

Barefeet continued

Dancing long after they hurt.

Laughed and smiled so much;

People thought I was drunk.

It has a hole in it I never fixed,

I kept it anyway.

So there it hangs with a variety of other

Colorful memories.

Time to sew it up or let it go.




Not one to make

New Year’s Resolutions

She has always had

The resolve to

Let go of objects and people



Something new

On any given


The year throughout.

Originally shared on 12/2015

Tick Tock


We all know times flows and it


Fast when we want it slow,

And slow when we want it to move fast.

But it is true

Things will happen when they happen

And we will get there when we get there.

Without a clock time

Still somehow moves,

So do our hearts

And our very cells.

So just be grateful and stop your fretting

Because letting go of all that worry,

That Tick Tock hurry,

Will set you free.