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You Are


And here it is

Right before you,

Beside you,

Inside you.

This greatness everyone speaks of

And searches for.

This joy and fulfillment.

Search no more.

Here it is.

It is you. All that you are.

All that you see and feel.

Every movement, thought and breath.


You are.



Before and Always.

You Decide


A red cardinal over there,

A mesquite tree over here.

Mother Nature shows me many creations.

The smell of wet saltgrass and dirt

Fill my senses.

This oak tree I am under,

Her leaves shine as if coated in silver

As raindrops sparkle setting delight afire

Within my heart.

Nature presents herself

As is,

The individual decides whether she is beautiful or not.



What is this?

Am i walking in dreams?

For once i was but a young girl

Playing in the backyard,

Sitting on the picnic table my father built

Making mud pies with a sprinkle of lilac flowers from that tree over there,

In the corner

By the living room window.

The sweet lilac aroma would waft throughout our trailer when in bloom.

Oh, and how i would take flight out the door every morning

Feet ready to hit the cool grass, or ice skate

Depending the season.

Making forts with whatever debris we could collect and an old blanket mom did not mind getting messed.

Grass stains on skin

And dandelion glow under the chin.

Ice balls in hair and rosey cheeks aglow.

Yes, she is with me still,

That girl,

And she stops me sometimes to wonder,

To wander,

Reminding me how much I am

Everything and all.





And be.

Open your heart.

Open your mind.

Open your eyes.

Drop the definitions.

Knock down the fences.

Obliterate the walls.

You are in your own way.

You have constrained your mind,

Your heart.

And wrapped yourself

So tight in definitions,

You cannot breathe.

This barricade you have built

Has left you with nowhere to go and

Nothing new to see.


You have limited your own vision.

*originally published November 2014 @choleintodiamonds*

In Front of Me


The sun rose gently today,

I am thankful for that.

Giving my eyes time to adjust;

Delicate light

Touches stone

And cactus.

Life around me

Stretches and yawns at once.

The birds join in

As they announce the arrival of day once again,


In synch with the natural rhythms of life.

The sun has peaked the horizon

And now burns my eyes.

For this I am grateful as well,

To set myself free of yesterdays burdens

And confusion

With breath and light,

For this is the world

Right in front of me.