Monthly Archives: January 2016

So Far


She has come so far.

She has become a stronger woman than

She used to be.

But then certain people reappear

And she

Is gone before she realizes what has happened.

She becomes invisible.

So small.

Like she’s never been at all.

Come Closer


Come closer

Dear soul.

Let me warm your heart

For I feel you have caught a chill.

These days have been heavy

And you have not quite been yourself,

Wandering hopelessly without shelter.

Let us create shelter in kindness.

Let us resurrect hope in togetherness.

Another Wave


You hold yourself steady

As another wave rolls in.

Which is most frightening

When you feel it begin,

Knowing what lies between or what is at the end?

Invisible slips and invisible falls.

The faceless voices who taunt;

 And from shadows


Going from gladness

(In deeper)

To sadness

(In deeper)

To madness

(In deeper)

To the darkness within.

The flesh feels alive and well

While the mind makes itself a home in

An unseen hell.