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End of the line.

I met my divine nature;

The truth glaring at me.

A reflection

In a puddle of mud.

I stomp on the ground sending

Ripples through time,

The grit sticking to my heels

Making my steps heavier than

I thought possible.

My mind now stuck,

Held in unmoving animation.

Sucked into a substance

Soft and cement,

Oxygen creating suction


Sweat trickles down into

The ground,

Pouring out



Of all I ever believed.


Blind Sided


For weeks on end I feel like a storm.

I want to laugh

But i want to cry.

I want to scream but i do not

Wish to be heard.

And my head hurts.

It won’t stop talking to me,

Correcting me.

I get side swiped.

Knocked over.

Blind sided.

Sucked into the old patterns in my brain,

(You are Not good enough)

I try to catch the thoughts before they get organized enough to seize it all.

I cannot speak.

Noises explode in my brain.

Over stimulated and agitated.

Even my beloved music is turned off for the day.

The animals pile on me.

They know i need a different kind of warmth,

One the sun cannot provide.

I am in need of a different kind of symphony

To soothe my heart and head,

My breath, my senses;

My laughter.

A coo of insanity.

And my gut gets knotted

And the tears try to break free

(How stupid you must be)

I have to find me.

They Too


I used to run and hide when people hurt me.

I gave away my power without a second thought.

I used to give them my tears and time.

I am learning to turn around


To forgive and honor the soul of each heart and mind.

To give more tears and time

To joy.

To see beauty in both dreams and reality.

I am learning they too are afraid,

They just show it in a different way.



Read a poem.

Read it again

And again.

Leave it be

And return.

Keep reading,

Immersing yourself in each verse.


A sequence of thoughts pulling

You into


Myriad of emotions.

Seeing something more.

Feeling something more.

Every time you come back to the words

They seem to have grown

In depth and width.

Unending rhythms creating a

Cosmic beat within your heart

And mind.

Expanding creation,

Human metamorphosis.

Wake up.



Periodically I get trapped inside

My mind.

My body knows it should

Stand up,

Should move.

My eyes try to look

Out the window.

I want to go outside and inhale life and

Lay in the sun


Then the thought of it all;

Moving myself,

Makes me cry.

Exhausts me.

And all goes silent

In my head.

The connection is lost

And every thought becomes

Slow motion

Until I remain


And call it a draw.

And So


I often think i am done

Whether sun

Or shadow fall on my face.

Even when a smile curves my lips

A battle may rage


This at any time.

I walk upon stone,

I walk upon dirt

Both hurt

When the weight is heavy.

Though i stand tall,

A smile curves my lips.

Each breath a blessing

As i fill my lungs with air,

As I stretch up to the sky with all my might

The weight gets lighter,

My feet less tender.

I look at my heart. 

It has no boundaries

Nor my mind in fact.

Every cell,

Every atom

At peace if I allow it to be.

And so it flows through me,

And so I am.