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I do not understand

Where it is you are

Reaching me.



Setting off a cataclysmic


An eruption of thoughts


My synapses are firing steady

Filled with light and electric love.

Shaking cells flowing,

Skin tingling. Hair raising.

I feel your presence ,

Your direct approach

As you breech my perimeter.

Matter altering magic,

Eyes out of focus.

Senses magnified and restless as i smell

The charge in the the air.

I await your arrival in the veil.

A quantum kiss.

Out of mind and body.

Here, there,


Dissolving to



Word In The Neighborhood


The word in the neighborhood

Was you wanted to kiss me.

You with your beautiful eyes

And playful grin.

Sometimes I would ride my bike by your house on the way to the park.

(my green girls bike with the funky handle bars and seat)

I thought it was dorky because all the cool kids rode boy bikes

Or banana seat bikes.

(And honestly,

I was just happy to have a bike)


You would say “Hi” in that rough voice of yours.

Brunette curls just covering your left eye.

Cigarette hanging off your lip;

Laid back as could be.

You didn’t know I could see your bruises.

The ones you tried to hide.

(I hid mine too)

I was too shy to even speak so I would keep riding by

All the while holding my breath.


I never thought I was enough for anyone)

Sometimes I remember the kiss.

Just a peck on the cheek but still…….

Do you?

Love Through Winter



But I breathe.

I hear a sigh escape your lips

As you see the colors too.

As you see the wind pulling the leaves from the trees.

They do their final dance for us.

 And they return to the


That nourished them.

Some ride the wind so delicately.

Others seem out of control

As if fighting the pull of gravity.

Ultimately they all fall.

We endure.

I feel the warmth of your skin


You move closer.

This knowing between us,

It is time to hold each other.

This sorrow,

We must let it envelope us

If we are to ever love through winter.