Monthly Archives: April 2020



I have been on a journey

To get a light infusion.

You see this all

Is just an illusion;

The body,

The words

Merely confusing the mind.

Leaving us

Believing the clock

Harnesses time,

That it is all on

One line.

Mixed up emotions.

Thinking we are strange.

Making man made concoctions

Keeping us sleepy and disturbed.


Dull ache;


Feigning sanity, insanity and all

That is in between.

It is all relative but some refuse to see beyond.

Walking on a tightrope listening

To the echoes of the tick and the tock.

Frozen in fear. Frozen in shock.

Forgetting all the life they have got.

Gratitude gifts latitude.

Awareness creates limitless possibilities.

*originally posted May 2018@*cholintodimonds*



There are lists people make,

All of these qualities and qualifications

That define

What makes a “strong” person.

I laugh at those words,

If you wake every morning and live

And that is all you feel you have the strength to do,

You are strong.


We are each strong in our big, beautiful,

Human way.



When one least expects

Along comes the soul,

The one who simply loves you

And your human ways.


You have been afraid to even spill milk

Because the world did almost end once;

Unseen bullet holes.

Unseen scars that seeped into bone.

But that was then

And that was them,

This is now

And they are gone.

Bit By Bit


It has been painful to dig out


The veins of the abuse

In her body,

Mind and heart

For it is in her skin,

Her bones and breath;

The self loathing and unworthiness.


The cracks,

The light is getting out now

Slowly but surely


Bit by bit

She is allowing love return

In once more.