Monthly Archives: June 2014

Let Pieces Lie


I was running in a nightmare
When your thunder
Woke my heart.

I was trying to put
Back together
What love had torn apart.

Now I realize
I should
Let those pieces lie
Where they are.

Without them
I can fly higher,
I can reach the stars.

She Smiles


She smiles
But there is an edge in her eyes
And you wonder why
As you pass her by.

She laughs out loud
But there’s a sadness in the sound
And you wonder why
As you pass her by.

Her life has never been
Quite as it seems
To the naked eye
Of a passerby.

There are mysteries
In her heart
And sorrows in her soul
That’s she’s never shared,
That nobody knows.



I want you so close (us so close)
So deep within (each other)
We cannot take a breath (I cannot breathe).
So intertwined,
The air cannot move between our bodies (our souls).
I wish for your fingers to be tangled in my hair.
Our lips pleading,
Dripping wet and bruised from love (our love).
I long to make you feel so weak
You cannot stir
(we are unable to move)
Your soul (my soul) will only weep for more.

Only your heart (my heart) will whisper my

Name (your name)

As we are


Let It Out


The struggle in your the heart
The battle in your the mind.
To let it all out
Or keep it Inside.

Afraid that those you love might
Walk away.
Afraid of those you trust,
Of what they might

But all you have inside,
Is too beautiful not to share.
There are many who feel the same

There are many who truly care.

To see the the colors you
To hear the music of your heart.
To feel the treasures you create.
To be touched by the rhyme
And verse of your soul.

The whole of you.
The beauty dancing inside.