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I see your chest rise,

An intake of breath as our eyes meet.

Drawn together

Instinctively before we can blink in recognition.

And the blood courses through my veins,

I can feel yours doing the same.

This quaking within;


Electrifying surge created resonates

Beyond people and places known as these Bodies come together.


A supreme stillness overcomes my soul

And settles the melding.

We cannot stop what was set in motion

Before time itself


Do we wish to.




Sunrise held on to

Her gold

And silver hues

Mighty well this morning,


Bursting forth with the power of

her glorious light,

All else relented and bowed

Upon her return.

Warmth and brilliance now

Bathe my body and dance with my soul.



Call me a silly girl

If you will

I just don’t care anymore.

And i was tied to the riddles of your mind too long

Crawling along on my hands and knees

Finding scraps and pieces;debris.

Forgetting who I am,

My heartbeat ceased.

Now i am rolling the dice,

Look and tell me what you see.

You won’t even look at me.

I am tired of lie after lie.

Call me a slow girl

If you will,

I just don’t care anymore.

Left or right

It don’t make no difference.

I was a fool in the beginning

I ain’t

A fool no more.

Blink and

I disappear.

And all i see is dust in my

Rear view mirror.

The wreckage of me reassembling.