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Call me a silly girl

If you will

I just don’t care anymore.

And i was tied to the riddles of your mind too long

Crawling along on my hands and knees

Finding scraps and pieces;debris.

Forgetting who I am,

My heartbeat ceased.

Now i am rolling the dice,

Look and tell me what you see.

You won’t even look at me.

I am tired of lie after lie.

Call me a slow girl

If you will,

I just don’t care anymore.

Left or right

It don’t make no difference.

I was a fool in the beginning

I ain’t

A fool no more.

Blink and

I disappear.

And all i see is dust in my

Rear view mirror.

The wreckage of me reassembling.




There are people who remind you of the past not to heal

But to keep the hate alive because if they keep Us divided with constant reminders that we Should hate each other, they keep the power.

When we release these old beliefs they lose Power over us,

Over thoughts,

Over preconceived notion’s,

Over ties that bind and where we put our energy.

To keep us on repeat,

To keep us hardened and separate feeds the Drama and feeds the illusion that we cannot move past the past,

But we can.

We can learn to love more.

It is in our mind set and our hearts when we are ready.

For all of this is a choice we make every Morning as we rise to open new doors,

To toil the soil,

To plant, grow and tend to new seeds in this garden.

We can create anew every single moment

With love.