Monthly Archives: May 2017



And here 

Untamed winds blow.

I never tire


The plains grass ripple with ever

New currents, new gusts.

A rhapsody

So beautiful.

And the clouds

Go on forever

As I settle into myself,

My hair a mess.

I am  melancholy

But my spirits lift as I sit

And sway with the tall grass.

I imagine I am the bird riding

These unseen shifts and using them to see 


What is around me.

Having faith in the realization

That I know more than I

Give myself credit for.

Instinct and intuition.

She Was Told


She was told by several someones

Over the years

To toughen up.

(She was a terribly shy girl prone to tears)

But you see

What these people did not know;

She had been toughened up.

She had been beaten up.

Physically bruised,

Emotionally submerged in confusion.

Touched where she should not have been touched

She had almost been destroyed.

Bloody noses,

Pulled hair ,

Black and blue.

She had been toughened up

In ways that people could not see in the now

And somehow through all of this

Emerged an invisible strength.

Her tears were not always of sorrow,

They were of terror.

She is thankful to have had magic souls



Teach her how to turn

All of the turmoil of the past


Joy and gratefullness.