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Defy your fears.

Take courage of heart



Lift yourself up and out,

Into the sunlight.

Rest there as long as you need

Feeling heat upon skin;

Breathing air into the neglected depths

Of your lungs.

Here you will feel once more

The blood beating through your veins.

Remember yourself.

Listen. There is your heart song.

Allow yourself to weep,

Allow yourself to sing.

One, two , three inhale and roar.

One, two, three take a chance and soar.




I was afraid to take my eyes away

For I might miss

The signs of your heart still beating.

Holding my breath;

To stay unmoving completely,

Listening so intently to you breathe.

Hanging on. Hanging on.

I blinked and you

Were gone.

Never Give Up


Never give up on humans.

(Yourself included)

We are all doing the best we can

Wherever we may be on the

Wild journey

Called life.

All from different backgrounds,

Different families.

Some come from steadfast foundations,

Some grew up in battlefields.



Some feel stuck in places they don’t belong

But we get frustrated with them.

We see things differently.



Gentle speak,

Steady love.

Believe in one another.

There is more good,

There is more beauty than

Some choose to see everyday.

Stop listening to the noise

And listen.

(If you are ready)

Stop giving up

And sit in stillness.

Go back to the beginning.


And see.

Hold your gaze in one place

And see.

(we all get lost)

Sing softly to those who are lost

And help them return

To themselves.

(When you are ready)

Do not be discouraged.

Think What You Will


You can think what you will of me

For you do not know me.

And your thoughts do not affect me

Unless i allow them to.

How simple,

Yet how tangled we become in things


And even if you do not listen

I will listen.

And so it goes

And so it is.

And here we are

With little choices every moment

That lead to big choices

In the one moment.

And so it goes

And so it is

And here we are.
Even if we live in the same house

We do not walk in the same shoes.