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One Way


This is a one way ticket.

I am going to explore

Everything I can,

Everywhere I can

And look at life

At every angle.

Cutting ties as I set myself free

And up i go

As high as I can fly.


360 degree view

As all my senses open to receive energy.

Upside down and all


I see.

I feel.

I breath.

I smile.




I have such a story to share,

So many stories within

The story.

Where do I start?

Her heart softly replied,

“Just like you breathe one breath at a time,

As you step one foot in front of the other.

In every moment you pause.

One memory,

One word;

One word at a time.”

You Are


And here it is

Right before you,

Beside you,

Inside you.

This greatness everyone speaks of

And searches for.

This joy and fulfillment.

Search no more.

Here it is.

It is you. All that you are.

All that you see and feel.

Every movement, thought and breath.


You are.



Before and Always.

In Front of Me


The sun rose gently today,

I am thankful for that.

Giving my eyes time to adjust;

Delicate light

Touches stone

And cactus.

Life around me

Stretches and yawns at once.

The birds join in

As they announce the arrival of day once again,


In synch with the natural rhythms of life.

The sun has peaked the horizon

And now burns my eyes.

For this I am grateful as well,

To set myself free of yesterdays burdens

And confusion

With breath and light,

For this is the world

Right in front of me.




What’s done is done.

This moment,

What is yet to come.

My mind keeps



And wondering.



And forgetting.

Let sleep come none to soon

And carry me to dreamland

Where no one

Restrains these


These imaginings and reminiscings in

Sweet, vivid colors

As I dance through fallen

And falling leaves in the deep

Magical forest.

Snowflake flurries.

My amusement and joy magnified

In kaleidoscopic colors and melodies.



Peaceful breaths.



My home stars keep calling my name.

Traveling the speed of light through cosmic storms

I visit them in my dreams.

I am merely a newborn awakening to wonders and strife. How cold the air on my skin, how the sun stings my eyes.

My mind gets earth drenched; fatigued translating language from there to here.

Most often I do not make sense when I speak though it sounds right in my head.

So much gets lost between soul and mind

As I try to enunciate and pronounce this love of all.

My heart beat fills my veins with a stirring and my lungs breathe an endless breath.

I watch and I smile feeling love flow through me; i am and never was empty for this

Is infinite and continuous.

Few see that all is translated in the stillness, that it Is always love, as we call it.

For it truly is more than love and that is why  so many continue to try and define it.

It is more than a flat word or a mere voice and that is why we struggle so; to capture and constrain this cannot be done. It will not fit in a container.

There is no human word to encompass love.

And so the writers write and the singers sing.

The dancers dance and the dreamers dream.

Every one of us ponder

On and on and on

Of love.