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These are the

Forests i know.

And the devils club,

The fallen trees

They remind me to breathe;

Raindrops on the forget me not.

The song of the wind,

Lichen at me feet.

Mountain tops high. I am cradled safe

In the sloping valley.

Running river wild playing its melody free

As I welcome stillness.

Here I meet myself.

Bit By Bit


It has been painful to dig out


The veins of the abuse

In her body,

Mind and heart

For it is in her skin,

Her bones and breath;

The self loathing and unworthiness.


The cracks,

The light is getting out now

Slowly but surely


Bit by bit

She is allowing love return

In once more.




I struggle to steady my mind

And I cannot find the breath to

Say i am tired,

And I cannot find the strength to

Reach for you.

My walls so high and mighty.

My fear steals my bones.

I’ve heard them whisper about me

Then turn and

Smile at me in the reflection in the mirror.

I’ve seen them steal away and swallow

Anything they can put their fingers on.

Eat. Sleep.




And this unwavering yearning for you

Resonates in my blood and my bones

As i wander;

You are here

In the air

And i breathe.

We lie


Still as trees

Warmth between us tended and



Soothing these aches and the pains of the heart and mind in this dimension.

Scars forgotten as hope permeates within and


A surge of all that was purged as a new dawn begins.




Up on tippy toes I try to peek

Over hills and mountains high.

Try as I might I cannot see the other side.

I have to climb myself

One step at a time

And understand

This journey is mine;

Created with all of us in mind

To intertwine with those chosen

In this

Grand design.

To uplift and add endless love

As best We can.

I climb and rest,

Climb and rest knowing I am doing my best

With every breath.



And I never want to

Hurt like that again


I have been fearful,

So very afraid.

One step

And I hesitate, my feet placed lightly

As I hold my breath before

Pressing forward completely;

And wait.

Eyes wide open,

Telling my tears to stay tucked away,

To wait.

Wait a little longer.

It is not in my head nor irrational

For those things did happen leaving bruises on heart on skin,

Not happening merely once or twice.

Over and over.

In psyche I go deep.

Begin once again.

One step forward and breath.

Wait and observe, Listen and feel.

Muscles coiled around heart ready to retreat.

Consciously release tension;

Release grip on self.

Exhaustion sets in every muscle.

Stopping. Resting.

Replenish heart and mind

And begin again

With tomorrow’s sunrise.

Beauty and joy seep into depths slowly and lovingly

Replacing anxiety.

Sweet dreams start to outnumber nightmares.

Ever so tenderly reanimating hope.