Monthly Archives: December 2017

Tick Tock


We all know times flows and it


Fast when we want it slow,

And slow when we want it to move fast.

But it is true

Things will happen when they happen

And we will get there when we get there.

Without a clock time

Still somehow moves,

So do our hearts

And our very cells.

So just be grateful and stop your fretting

Because letting go of all that worry,

That Tick Tock hurry,

Will set you free.

They Too


I used to run and hide when people hurt me.

I gave away my power without a second thought.

I used to give them my tears and time.

I am learning to turn around


To forgive and honor the soul of each heart and mind.

To give more tears and time

To joy.

To see beauty in both dreams and reality.

I am learning they too are afraid,

They just show it in a different way.




There you are,

A neutron star.

Your heart is my magnetic north,

Pulling me in closer

With such ease.


And on we go.

You and I



To explore

The unnamed constellations.

Unnoticed places.

Plans forgotten for the day now,

Sway into me.

Take me into

The hidden passages

Of your heart and mind.

The intersection

Where dreams meet reality

Creating a new dimension

In the soul.

Let us misplace our minds and

Vanish all together.



Little trinkets in my drawer;

My nightstand

Where i keep my most valuable


They would mean nothing to

Anyone else.

I put them out sometimes and reminisce.

What memory may be tugging at my heart?

What color am i feeling today?


Or happy.

Maybe sad and missing someone,

Missing someplace.

Maybe i should toss them all out

And start over.

Winter Rain


Cold winter rain falls on my


I like to look up when it is pouring

Allowing myself to

Get completely

Drenched because everything dries

Off eventually right?

It burns my skin

Yet chills my bones.

I love how it makes me feel alive,

My whole body

Shivering to keep me warm.

All the hairs on my body standing up

In protest.

I protest the protest and giggle.

And it always feels so delicious to get warm After

A good chill.

On to a hot shower and into

A pile of blankets

Until another moment shakes up all of

My senses.

Life presents

Continuous moments to marvel.



Read a poem.

Read it again

And again.

Leave it be

And return.

Keep reading,

Immersing yourself in each verse.


A sequence of thoughts pulling

You into


Myriad of emotions.

Seeing something more.

Feeling something more.

Every time you come back to the words

They seem to have grown

In depth and width.

Unending rhythms creating a

Cosmic beat within your heart

And mind.

Expanding creation,

Human metamorphosis.

Wake up.