Monthly Archives: August 2016

I Will Stay


Oh my friend
All our lives
(Since i can remember)
Your heart has ached
And try as i might
(in this life that we have known)
I cannot carry the weight
For you
(I realize this as we grow old)

Though I tried when we were young


I keep


I am here
(In the silence, through the tears)
And here i will stay
By your side
(Through the years)



Like a phantom
Time has

Stolen itself away

I always thought i would  return home
Whenever i like
Only now

mom and dad
Are both long gone

Still i step upon familiar streets
Still i walk barefoot
The grass reminds me

unspoken hurts

unspoken love

Laughter echoes in my heart
Cigarette smoke
Clouds my eyes

I see them there
Amongst the fall leaves.
Fallen dreams
So quickly tossed about
Children playing tag
With no
Paid to time.
And i smile.