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He carries this world in his heart

And when i look in his eyes

There it is;

This beautiful gaze full of

Love and starbursts.



In the kiss, lucidity.

And he blinks in morse code;

My heart dances.

Suns have come and gone

Time throughout.

Here we are.

Hands linked

We leap.




My home stars keep calling my name.

Traveling the speed of light through cosmic storms

I visit them in my dreams.

I am merely a newborn awakening to wonders and strife. How cold the air on my skin, how the sun stings my eyes.

My mind gets earth drenched; fatigued translating language from there to here.

Most often I do not make sense when I speak though it sounds right in my head.

So much gets lost between soul and mind

As I try to enunciate and pronounce this love of all.

My heart beat fills my veins with a stirring and my lungs breathe an endless breath.

I watch and I smile feeling love flow through me; i am and never was empty for this

Is infinite and continuous.

Few see that all is translated in the stillness, that it Is always love, as we call it.

For it truly is more than love and that is why  so many continue to try and define it.

It is more than a flat word or a mere voice and that is why we struggle so; to capture and constrain this cannot be done. It will not fit in a container.

There is no human word to encompass love.

And so the writers write and the singers sing.

The dancers dance and the dreamers dream.

Every one of us ponder

On and on and on

Of love.



Cannot force love before its time.

Let it come gently,


So it be

Like a feather

Floats in time as it falls

Of its own sway and rhythm;

Its own accord.

When eager and fast hands try to clasp it,


Wishing to

Grab it out of impatience,

The air currents agitate

And stir keeping it just out of reach.


Find joy right where you are

Allowing things to flow

And come to rest where they may.

There, is love.



Dragging my feet as I leave the house this morning,

Feeling heavy and


My eyes met with a cotton candy sky,

Blue and pink and white delight before me.

Looking to the heavens and beyond,


Settling back into my skin a new day begins.

A new day begins.

Each morning awakening brings a bonus day.

I shift my body;

A moment to adjust myself, my mind, my heart.

I shall live in abundant love,

Grateful awareness.

Begin again from here.