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There are soul matters at work here

You do not yet


Have faith.

Welcome peace within and without

As you breathe,

With every thought

And each step.

Wonder awaits your discovery.

Love is only bound by the restrictions you believe and create.

It is up to you how

To proceed and when you

Wish to take responsibility for

Your own

Mind and heart.




You’re more likely to meet a wild one if you

Are quiet and still for they’ve lived a life since


Of danger and survival

And will not approach if they equate you with a threat.

They can sense threats and lies.

One cannot hide the scent of intentions,

And love is transparent after all.



To live and breathe unattached

Is most beautiful

And free.

To let the words flow and go.

Create art from the heart and soul without Expectation of

Any accolades.

To dance without expectations of applause.

To release all the power contained within this Vessel

In love

Leaves room to flow and feel the euphoria

Of life energy;

To let it come

And let it go.

Simply because.

Love and love some more.

Listen and listen some more.

The more released the more

Realized and the veil


Comprehension now your choice.




Hides in your body

unknowingly swallowed

And it finds some cozy,

Safe place to hide

A muscle or tendon

And you

Think you have gotten


Or over



You neglected the hardest part,

Going through the depths of yourself to purge it.

Find it there

Gather it up and hold it there

In love

In patience.

The tension has been there long

Allow it to be.

These parts of you long for love.

Set yourself free and gaze into yourself

Allowing your love to soften and release

Into the stillness,

One at a time,

Each piece that has planted itself in you out of fear.

And honor your path to healing

For it is yours alone.



There are people who remind you of the past not to heal

But to keep the hate alive because if they keep Us divided with constant reminders that we Should hate each other, they keep the power.

When we release these old beliefs they lose Power over us,

Over thoughts,

Over preconceived notion’s,

Over ties that bind and where we put our energy.

To keep us on repeat,

To keep us hardened and separate feeds the Drama and feeds the illusion that we cannot move past the past,

But we can.

We can learn to love more.

It is in our mind set and our hearts when we are ready.

For all of this is a choice we make every Morning as we rise to open new doors,

To toil the soil,

To plant, grow and tend to new seeds in this garden.

We can create anew every single moment

With love.



Become stillness as all given of you



Flows through you.

No reciprocation

Desired from anyone.



Are free


As what you give flows unencumbered

The receivers are

Free as well.

And you continue to be

Free flowing in stillness.

Never a need to refill for you are

Never empty,

Never full.

Free flowing through atoms and cells.




And I never want to

Hurt like that again


I have been fearful,

So very afraid.

One step

And I hesitate, my feet placed lightly

As I hold my breath before

Pressing forward completely;

And wait.

Eyes wide open,

Telling my tears to stay tucked away,

To wait.

Wait a little longer.

It is not in my head nor irrational

For those things did happen leaving bruises on heart on skin,

Not happening merely once or twice.

Over and over.

In psyche I go deep.

Begin once again.

One step forward and breath.

Wait and observe, Listen and feel.

Muscles coiled around heart ready to retreat.

Consciously release tension;

Release grip on self.

Exhaustion sets in every muscle.

Stopping. Resting.

Replenish heart and mind

And begin again

With tomorrow’s sunrise.

Beauty and joy seep into depths slowly and lovingly

Replacing anxiety.

Sweet dreams start to outnumber nightmares.

Ever so tenderly reanimating hope.