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No one speaks the truth

It is a knowing,

This a silence flowing and waiting for one to enter and submerge.



Releasing all to welcome all.

Truth is in the being not the speaking,


Love. Stillness.

Shed what is known, therein lies what is.

Truth is merely a word created to capture and cage concrete reality which cannot

be held.

Thought is fluid.



My heart holds no words for you


They are so


To small.

A word cannot envelope nor embody


Nor can my heart hold this vastness,

This infinity.

The power in every beat,

Every thump of my heart


To the farthest galaxy

In the dark

Dancing and vibrating

Within atoms themselves,

For even they know our names.

Yet it is not of anywhere perceivable.

As our feet step upon this ancient earth

Feel the vibrations. Hear the beat.

And on and on we go.

We know.



Driving past the graveyard today;

cars lining the road ,

hands held and heads bowed.

They are all

standing around a fresh grave wishing

The deceased had just one more day,

Just one more day.

And I don’t want to leave this world with hate and discord as my legacy.

Nothing but love with every breath,

with every touch,

with every thought;

that’s all

that’s all.



Hate and spite or love and compassion;

One must choose or keep oneself divided in two;

Therefore dividing the world in which one abides

And all else.

Heal oneself or remain content with discontent within

For you are the creator and reactor.

Bring yourself wholly home to love;


Let Go


One must release these ideas, these boundaries;

Just as one cannot measure love

One cannot measure the suffering of

Another soul.

And therein lies the division.

We think we can measure these words with Our eyes and minds,

Separating this soul from that

Further and further until we can no longer hear nor sense these intangible energies through the barriers.

Love and suffering. Beautifully human we are.

Listen. Listen deeper. Breathe and settle into depths unexplained.

Let go these hierarchical measurements and see the soul.



Do not let them cage you with their words.

Our souls know the true beauty of our hearts

And minds.

Settle into the depths where there are no definitions

And observe that some are merely acting and repeating what they have been told is truth without thinking

While remaining disconnected from their own


Their own love.

We are all merely finding our way back

However and whenever;

Immersed in the great design.

Love is light.



You will be interrupted

By many with a

Plethora of “but this and that”;

Continue to live, speak

And move

Immersed in compassion; stillness.

Gentleness welcomes.

Allow love to emanate from even the twinkle in your eyes and the smile upon your face.

These gestures one thinks so small save souls.

Hope. Love. Peace.