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Time is collapsing around us.

No one knows what day it is;

Everyone is pretending they do anyway.

We see and willingly

Slide into the vortex.

Atoms colliding once inside,

We ride and sway in the motion

So naturally.

Quantum connection realized.

Nothing left to hide.

Truth left revealed

And it is





I step through the


And feel the ghosts.

They want to crawl under my skin

To make a home in my veins.

They want to cling to the walls of my heart,

Stop me in my tracks.


“Look back!

Look back girl!”

I do not know how to stifle


I turn round

Struggling to face myself in the mirror,

Expecting to see my child self.

I look up to see Mamas eyes

Instead of me.

And her voice in my mind over and over,

“I love you, but I do not like you.”

i would like to ask her what she truly meant

But she is dead and gone.

I cannot help but wonder if she would still feel the same today.



Desirous skin

Mouth so tender

I take pause as you surrender

To this love.

Nothing left but this love.


Broke open.

Laid bare


Shattered through love.

There was too much passion to be


In one vessel anyway.

We had no choice in the collision.

Now melding.


Between you and I

We are a

Luscious mess.

Originally Posted November 2015


One, two,

I am going to move today.

3, 4,

Maybe if I just roll over.

Watching my arm dangle

Off the edge of the bed,

Thinking of letting myself fall.

I wish Narnia

Was in my wardrobe.

I used to hide in the closet when I was little.

I felt safe in the dark hidden behind

The garments.

(If I was out of sight I could be forgotten)


At night I would get comfy in my blankets and plan my

Dreams before I closed my eyes.

I planned every detail;

which characters would join me, where we would go,

Who would be friend or foe.

It was fantastical.

I was usually a character in a book I read


I always created amazing adventures.

Comforting fantasies of exploring, friendship and love.

I hated waking up.