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Old Riverbed


Walking the old river bed,

How often has the course changed?

How often the boulders

Worn to rocks

Worn to pebbles

Worn to dust?

The river carries them on,

Shape shifting.

How often the roots of mighty trees exposed,

How often

They held on until

Nothing left for them to grasp,

They succumb to the way

And float on?

How often no man stands to witness the


Of the fall?


Become one

With the river



To the sea.

Old riverbeds remain and regrow from tiny

Seed to become mighty trees

They return

In time forgetting the river.

*originally posted February 22,2017*

No Denying


She knelt in the snow and clasped her hands to her


Her fragile voice began to talk to anyone

Who might be listening;






“Why am i so slow,

So aware?

Why does my heart overflow with love,

Yet my body shy from all?”

In the the peace in the air between her breathes

She felt their reply.

“You suffered great trauma child.

You denied yourself validation of pain.

You rejected love of others

And refused to honor yourself.

Fear became imbedded in your cells.

They are rebuilding themselves

And are reemerging as light.

Holy light of love.

Be patient.

Accept the light. Accept the love.

Lift your gaze to meet yourself in

All your grace.

You can deny yourself being no more.”

And light became her as she opened her


Her heart boundaries dissipated as

One became one.



May 12,2018

I have been on a journey

To get a light infusion.

You see all this

Is just an illusion;

The body,

The words

Merely confusing the mind.

Leaving us

Believing the clock

Harnesses time,

That it is all on

One line.

Mixed up emotions.

Thinking we are strange.

Making man made concoctions

Keeping us sleepy and disturbed.


Dull ache;

Chasing loneliness.

Feigning sanity, insanity and all

That is in between.

It is all relative but some refuse to see beyond.

Walking on a tightrope listening

To the echoes of the tick and the tock.

Frozen in fear. Frozen in shock.

Forgetting all the life they have got.

Gratitude gifts latitude.

Awareness creates limitless possibilities.



The sun is silver,

The moon turned golden.

We all thought we were

In control.

We laugh as it crashes all around us

And dance our way through

The wreckage.

Shattering and scattering ourselves


The unknown cosmos.

Near and far we create new stars and light


Fiercely formed worlds with love.

Screaming and singing; sink and dissolve once again.

To root, bloom, reseed and

Create is all we know.

The rest is up to the others.



The truck engine rumbles

And the vibration makes me sleepy.

It is so hot already and it is not even


Summer heat might kill me this year.

I like the cold better.

It makes me feel alive.

This humid heat makes me feel dreary and heavy;

Like I might take a nap and never wake up.

It makes the pavement too hot to go barefoot and I do not like shoes.

Even though I breathe through my mouth I feel as if I might suffocate when I have to wear shoes.

Rock Me


Meet me in the quiet,

In the undisturbed peace.

Meet where stillness lies

And I won’t say a thing.

Rock me oh so gently,

In your rhythmic beating heart.

Rock me in the silence

And I won’t fall apart.

Swim with me in the waters.

Let your essence drift with mine.

Swim with me in utter bliss

Where there is nothing left to find.

*originally published 2013 *choleintodiamonds*