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Roots and Bugs


It is a wonderful thing

To throw the windows open in spring

And look upon the world.

I stand still and welcome the air


Saturate my skin.

Better yet

The morning dew is winking at me

And the smell of fresh cut grass is teasing me.

“ Come play, come play”

They say

Knowing precisely how to lift my spirits,

So out i go.

And my mind eases

And i forget my troubles as i settled my tired Bones

Amongst the roots, bugs and soil.

Lifting my gaze to the sky

And closing my eyes,

Humming softly to myself

I am free.



Dragging my feet as I leave the house this morning,

Feeling heavy and


My eyes met with a cotton candy sky,

Blue and pink and white delight before me.

Looking to the heavens and beyond,


Settling back into my skin a new day begins.

A new day begins.

Each morning awakening brings a bonus day.

I shift my body;

A moment to adjust myself, my mind, my heart.

I shall live in abundant love,

Grateful awareness.

Begin again from here.

Take A Look


I wake up,

Take a look in the mirror

And there is my messy mane.

Never tame,

Silky or smooth.

Curly nonsense pure and simple.

Morning crazy;

Tangled and matted.

But one thing I have always loved is my hair

Whether falling coiffed in ringlets divine

Or a frizzy, wild masterpiece.

It is me.

All me.

Different every single day.



I am


By this

Magnifying beauty

Of morning light piercing

Through singular beads of

Dew grouping;

Clinging to green grass and wildflowers

This side of the highway.


Simple refractions of


Such an uncomplicated masterpiece.

And I believe in magic.

Nature does not force

The outcome.

How blessed are we to witness a thing such as


Those Nights


Those nights I snuck in.

We would be


So quiet.

And in the morning your dad would knock on your door,

Peeking in to wish you a good day.

You would lie on your side

So i could cuddle up


So close

(My heart beating so fast)

And melt

Myself into the blankets and mattress.

Into you,

So as not to be seen.

When we heard the front door shut and the car pull out of

The driveway

You would turn and grin

And begin again.

I remember the morning light

And your body

So warm.

Your strong hands

And thick hair.

I remember your

Lips and how you kissed me


There was nothing but each moment


So young.

So simple the desires.

Body to body.

Heart to heart.

Eager and overflowing with

Something we could not explain.

I wonder

What do you remember?