Monthly Archives: July 2016



Some people light a fire in you,

Some people put it out.

That is why you must be the keeper of your own flame.

When everything crumbles,

You are left standing alone


You are your only


Begin again to rebuild

On a foundation of self love,


Stone by stone

Your own

Home within.

Take In


Come my love
Soften your skin onto mine.
Let go all barriers.
Let go all doubt.
Let go the veil that hides
Your heart.
Your eyes.
And allow yourself
Allow yourself this moment.
Let your hands wander.
Eyes open to see.
Feel it seep away;
The fear.
Come my love
Indulge your wanting.
Feel again in you
That which has been hollow,
That which has been longing.
Together let us
Take in love.

My Home


on the open road again

sunlight in my eyes

windows down

and the wild wind whipping my hair about

i breathe

and keep driving

with nowhere to go

radio turned off so

i can hear my thoughts

my heart

and the birds

i go down any road i wish

and soak in the beauty

i touch the beauty

this beauty that rescues me

and holds me up

reminds me everywhere is home

i am my home