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Miracles happen every moment.

People change.


They don’t.

Always carry hope.

And I try not to hold my breath and sit


Stationary and stuck.

Keep living and loving.

Move out of limbo and the waiting.

Basking in the radiance of life

Moment by moment.

I am blooming regardless the


The soil,

The circumstance.

Heart over matter.

Soul sight





There are people who remind you of the past not to heal

But to keep the hate alive because if they keep Us divided with constant reminders that we Should hate each other, they keep the power.

When we release these old beliefs they lose Power over us,

Over thoughts,

Over preconceived notion’s,

Over ties that bind and where we put our energy.

To keep us on repeat,

To keep us hardened and separate feeds the Drama and feeds the illusion that we cannot move past the past,

But we can.

We can learn to love more.

It is in our mind set and our hearts when we are ready.

For all of this is a choice we make every Morning as we rise to open new doors,

To toil the soil,

To plant, grow and tend to new seeds in this garden.

We can create anew every single moment

With love.

Roots and Bugs


It is a wonderful thing

To throw the windows open in spring

And look upon the world.

I stand still and welcome the air


Saturate my skin.

Better yet

The morning dew is winking at me

And the smell of fresh cut grass is teasing me.

“ Come play, come play”

They say

Knowing precisely how to lift my spirits,

So out i go.

And my mind eases

And i forget my troubles as i settled my tired Bones

Amongst the roots, bugs and soil.

Lifting my gaze to the sky

And closing my eyes,

Humming softly to myself

I am free.



I sit in the gardens,

The smell of soil

Filling my veins.

Distant sounds of traffic and



As the hummingbird does his thing before Me,


And flapping.

Cicadas and dragonflies.

This music cradles me as I sway to the rhythm;

Become the rhythm.

Vitality and rejuvenation joining

In my heart and mind.

I am so far away,

So very close.

Everywhere yet nowhere,

Dancing energy intertwining.

Merging and surging.

A decadent,

Ceaseless heartbeat melody

Of stillness abounds and sways.