Monthly Archives: December 2016



We have ignited a passion


Now we are an inferno




Wild and free can be anything.

To me it is wandering in the woods off trail.

Eating fresh raspberries and blueberries

While listening for wild animals that may come.

As a young girl,

Taking off alone to

Ride that beautiful white mare

Bareback up mountainsides so steep

And through Forests so deep.

Her mane in my bare hands and my legs holding tight with every change in direction

And lunge.

Giggling when I turned corners and almost falling off

When she reared.

Finding bear tracks in mine upon returning back to where I


Catching the curious eyes of a lynx

And hearing the thump of a beaver tail,

The squeak of a porcupine in a tree.

The sweet smell of dirt and rain

And the silence of heaven in the wind singing in my ears.

Trusting myself and the earth.

In those wild and free moments

I died and was reborn again and again.

They saved me from death.

I understand now.

Speak Again


And some come into your life to see

The aftermath.

To see you exhausted and easily startled.

They do not know you are spent from fighting.

From being strong for so long.

But you know,

You know.

You will speak again

When you are ready my darling.

Until then be at ease

With peace.

Breathe and see yourself.

You have to remind yourself,

It is only the echo.





The past is the past.