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Ever Was


Our eyes meet

Across time

And visions.


We move in closer

Drawn to the warmth

Within us two.


We are fire and rain,

Pleasure and pain.

The essence of 

Beginning and ending 

Wrapped in skin.

Receptors on high


Opening and receiving 


Lightening and electric

Absorbed and shared


Pulsing through our veins.

And all this meets at once,

A precise moment 

Rippling through all that ever was.



And So


I often think i am done

Whether sun

Or shadow fall on my face.

Even when a smile curves my lips

A battle may rage


This at any time.

I walk upon stone,

I walk upon dirt

Both hurt

When the weight is heavy.

Though i stand tall,

A smile curves my lips.

Each breath a blessing

As i fill my lungs with air,

As I stretch up to the sky with all my might

The weight gets lighter,

My feet less tender.

I look at my heart. 

It has no boundaries

Nor my mind in fact.

Every cell,

Every atom

At peace if I allow it to be.

And so it flows through me,

And so I am.