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I can think of no other;

And even the little hairs on my body rejoice at the thought of you,

Reaching for you

As you come near.

The heat at my center spreads

And the words fail to fall from my lips;

They cannot make the connection from my mind to my heart

Crashing into one another

In the rush to embrace all of you.

All the particles of us disperse

As night and day disappear

Bursting forth at our touch.


This glimmer,

A new universe


New elements we become.



Longest Ache


The longest ache.

Tears form in the corner of my eyes when

I remember the magic i felt,

The beauty I witnessed.

And I remember wiping

The red dust from my cheeks

So long ago.

The joy and the wonder a new sight can


The souls one meets that love a song.

To think


I did not believe.

It was another life now

And then another

And here I am still in wonder.

The longest ache sears through my veins.

The yearning remains.

The ancient beats within my heart reverberate

Through time unseen in synchronization with those who came before

And those yet to come.

Atoms and Cells


There is this burning in my belly,

This aching in my breast.

I struggle to keep my heart contained

Within my chest.

It is just the thought of you,

For you are not even near.

It’s just my atoms

And cells


The body of you.

Come home.

My heart will not stay still much longer


It is not where it belongs.

It’s just

What I must endure

While I am


You here.

I am

Aching and breathing.

I am

Aching and dreaming.

*choleintodiamonds* originally posted

October 2015