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She is fine

Until she falls

And then

She crawls.

But no one sees you when

You are beneath

Their feet,

It does not occur to them at all,

Unless they too have



For they know without a doubt,

Recognizing the sound

Of a barely beating heart.




I have such a story to share,

So many stories within

The story.

Where do I start?

Her heart softly replied,

“Just like you breathe one breath at a time,

As you step one foot in front of the other.

In every moment you pause.

One memory,

One word;

One word at a time.”

You Decide


A red cardinal over there,

A mesquite tree over here.

Mother Nature shows me many creations.

The smell of wet saltgrass and dirt

Fill my senses.

This oak tree I am under,

Her leaves shine as if coated in silver

As raindrops sparkle setting delight afire

Within my heart.

Nature presents herself

As is,

The individual decides whether she is beautiful or not.





And be.

Open your heart.

Open your mind.

Open your eyes.

Drop the definitions.

Knock down the fences.

Obliterate the walls.

You are in your own way.

You have constrained your mind,

Your heart.

And wrapped yourself

So tight in definitions,

You cannot breathe.

This barricade you have built

Has left you with nowhere to go and

Nothing new to see.


You have limited your own vision.

*originally published November 2014 @choleintodiamonds*

Angel Wings


I am tending to my Angel wings.

They refuse to do their part.

They have left me cold and stranded,

Left me weeping in my heart.

They are tattered and worn.

They are bloodied and torn.

They were not this way

On the day I was born.


I see your Angel wings are tattered.

I see that they are worn.

I hear your weeping heart

And I want to keep you warm.

I know your soul is weary.

What if I told you mine is weary too?

We could both try together

To mend a tear or two.

We can find a strength in each other

That knows no distance,

Knows no time.

We will find a strength together

And again we will fly.

Again with stronger wings,

Again with shiny souls,

Again with beating hearts

When we have patched up all the


@*choleintodiamonds* originally posted December 2013