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Let your voice soften,

Bringing stillness to abundance as it

Carries love across the ocean.

In the air

In the waves,

You cover the earth

To reach her;

Your love cannot be contained

And it resonates in the beating chambers of her heart.

No mere dream.

Come morning

She opens her sleepy eyes and looks to the rising sun knowing this.

Bit By Bit


It has been painful to dig out


The veins of the abuse

In her body,

Mind and heart

For it is in her skin,

Her bones and breath;

The self loathing and unworthiness.


The cracks,

The light is getting out now

Slowly but surely


Bit by bit

She is allowing love return

In once more.


In between


And all of the sudden you came to mind

And my throat swelled

And my heart beat stronger.

I wanted to weep,

As if today was the day

We last spoke.

I sat with you in the forefront of my my mind for a while

And held you there, so grateful for the memories.

In time i tucked you back behind my ribcage

And left you with my soul

Where we reside in between time.

I once again turn up the music and dance.