Monthly Archives: April 2019

Longest Ache


The longest ache.

Tears form in the corner of my eyes when

I remember the magic i felt,

The beauty I witnessed.

And I remember wiping

The red dust from my cheeks

So long ago.

The joy and the wonder a new sight can


The souls one meets that love a song.

To think


I did not believe.

It was another life now

And then another

And here I am still in wonder.

The longest ache sears through my veins.

The yearning remains.

The ancient beats within my heart reverberate

Through time unseen in synchronization with those who came before

And those yet to come.



I go to the other room

And in the quiet corner I

Check to make sure my heart is

Still beating.

I get dizzy when I am overwhelmed and begin to think I might be dreaming or not real any more.

A heartbeat means I am real right?

Or maybe someone else needs to check it and tell me I am real because i could be tricking myself.



Be wary the mouths who claim they can

Save the world;

Self proclaimed heroes with

The smell of lies and smoke still on their breath.

Look behind them;

Left there in their wake


Fires and destruction

Started in self righteousness.


They now present themselves


Placed before you

Master tricksters,

Half truths and slight of mind.