Monthly Archives: June 2017



 Did she get under your skin

With her nonchalant ways

And her quiet lips?

Her watching eyes

And her swaying hips.

Does it drive you crazy

You cannot figure her out

Like others before.

You console your pride now,

Left spinning

With nothing to hold onto.

Thankful for oxygen.

I Am


I get up early

And walk to the field  just as light peaks over

The ridge.

The birds sing me welcome.

I hear rustling in the grass

And am met with the pleasant stare

Of a doe.

I look around and see another doe.

One has two fawn and the other three.

I sit and feel my heart


Here is where I am always welcomed.

Here is where I am 


I am not broken nor am I lost.

I am.




Acid in my veins.

Tumultuous twisting in my gut.

I am finding my way blind

In this storm.

(I see the Angels everytime  lightening strikes)

This confusion has left

Obstructions I stumbled upon,

My visibility restricted to my hands

As i catch myself.

Waiting for  lightening

To cauterize the ache.

(I see Angels everytime it strikes)



Why does it have to be 

So difficult?

It doesn’t have to be so difficult.

When you have to be right,

You just have to win.

Thinking everyone is out to get you

And knock down your walls.

It is not that complicated,

You make it all so complicated.

Fighting with ghosts and projectiles

You throw at yourself

Then you blame everyone else

When you get hurt.