Monthly Archives: December 2013

Just Remember


Daddy’s crying

Momma’s lying

What am I supposed to do?

My little heart is searching

For a simple smile or two.

My little hands can’t fix it,

That’s what band aides

Usually do.

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You Lent Me


You lent me the beat of your heart

When I had forgotten how to make

My own.

You lent me your wings and offered strength

Until I could fly


You brought light into my shadows

And I learned to love through the night.

You heard the sadness in my tears

And gave me love with all your might.

You played back to me my own melody

I had silenced so long ago.

And showed me where the world was.

I held it in my heart but did not know.

Inside Out


This fire that burns inside.

This fluid that seeps from my veins.

This howling within my soul.

This nameless passion remains.

These thoughts, these words,

These emotions.

Scorching me from the inside out.

I pour them into the ink

Where they lie lifeless,

Smudged and soiled.


And motionless.


Mocking me without a sound.

Ridiculing me

Without a


Clamouring and raging

To get out.

Every word

Battling ferociously

To get to the top

So as not to be