Monthly Archives: March 2016

In between


He’s the in between.

Born on the cusp.

He is winter in spring.

A flower blooming in the frigid cold,

Not sure where to go…..

He shines a light all his own.

Smiles to share yet

He cries alone.

On gilded wings she’s watched

Him fly too close to the sun.

So here she waits

Ready to catch him,

Ready to hold him

When he falls.

Wings singed;

Heart-tired he falls heavy.

She sings softly now

Cradling him in the in between.

Sharing her breath until he can

Breathe on his own once again.

Spring Once More


Spring is springing once more.

Tender buds beginning to peak,


New life

Bursting through damp soil;

 Up beyond last falls sacrificial

Leaves released by trees.


Awakened by the

Love of the sun.

Shoots of green growing new among trees

Joyously joining

Wise old branches of time.

And again and again it ends and begins

As we come and go.

A natural knowing among earth and sky,

Moon and sun.

Each taking their turn.

Their ways unspoken

In the

Natural knowing.



I dreamt a dream of times past;

Of you and I.

And I was overwhelmed with


I began to weep.

How can my heart be light yet heavy at once?

Thinking to capture you

I reach for pen and paper.

To write you down.

To read you forever.


The ink had run dry.

To tired and weary to rise from my bed

I kept the memories

Lit inside me.

I placed my head on my pillow

And went back to dreaming instead .



Oh butterfly.

You are lost and I am afraid

You cannot remember your way to the warmth of the sun.

How you arrived here is anyone’s guess.

Only you truly know the path you have journeyed.

I’ve tried to save you

But you’re up so high

Here inside

Where you are not meant to be.

Flitting and thrashing against the cold


For you know not the way to where you need to be.

When you settle

I will reach you.

I’ll put you back where you belong

In the open sky.

Please don’t look back.

This you must promise me


You will fly.



Fly away free.