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I climb

And breathe deep.

The smell of lilacs strong;


Hint of 

Rain to come

Bathes me.

Morning splendor.

I close my eyes

And accept


I got colored by the sun and the earth today.

I lost my breath

As I rose to the summit.

I got high on the


Dizzy in my head,

I let gratitude overflow my heart

And I accepted

The healing.
I got dusty and dirty.

I danced with myself


The view from the summit is always worth 


I accept the healing.

Keep You There



I ran.

I ran to the field and

Lay amongst the flowers today.

I stayed in their company for hours.

Days go by.  

I let the sun burn my heart.

I do not know why but it is true.

My essence did soar.

I dreamt a dream of you and I and it began to rain.

The raindrops did not touch our skin


Submerged in internal flames,


Dreaming the same dream beside me.
What is this fire you have brought to me?


You hummed and strummed,

Said nothing but we knew.

We never touched but we knew.

Me wishing to remain in sweet slumber and forever have you there.