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Criticizing and

Nit picking

Is like

Tearing the

Petals from a rose one by one

Because you think they are not good enough;

The wrong color,

The wrong shape.

Getting sad and angry because all that is left is a stem

With thorns.

All along


Never minded the roots

And you blame the rose,

Refusing to admit your part.

You were not there for the planting of the seed.

You did not witness the growth of the roots

Yet you stand and criticize in anger and disappointment.

The mind and heart will only continue to see ugly if one thinks and acts ugly.

The Wolf


Years ago,

As I sat with friends
Along the banks of a magnificent river
In the untamed wilderness;
(All was silent except for the sound

Of the river)
My eyes grazed the
Opposite bank and
I was awestruck
To see a large black wolf
Come off a game trail.

Stepped out of the woods.
There stopping and locking
Inquisitive eyes
With us.
He was magnificent;
Splendid in his stance.
I could not move,
Could not breathe.
In that moment I felt something so primal
And beautiful inside;
As if connected beyond comprehension of the mind.
This has stayed with me always.
I know in nature
Answers come forward
When you are ready to listen.

Originally posted August 2016 *choleintodiamonds*



Defy your fears.

Take courage of heart



Lift yourself up and out,

Into the sunlight.

Rest there as long as you need

Feeling heat upon skin;

Breathing air into the neglected depths

Of your lungs.

Here you will feel once more

The blood beating through your veins.

Remember yourself.

Listen. There is your heart song.

Allow yourself to weep,

Allow yourself to sing.

One, two , three inhale and roar.

One, two, three take a chance and soar.



Oh despair

Why do you visit me?

I know you are coming


Still unexpected.

I feel your devious intentions,

Creeping in the shadows.

Arriving uninvited to

Spite me.

Mocking laughter in satisfaction,

Scratching at my door

In my finest hour


Coat my vision in


And cloud

My path;

Nip at my heels

As i try to evade your touch.