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There are soul matters at work here

You do not yet


Have faith.

Welcome peace within and without

As you breathe,

With every thought

And each step.

Wonder awaits your discovery.

Love is only bound by the restrictions you believe and create.

It is up to you how

To proceed and when you

Wish to take responsibility for

Your own

Mind and heart.



The sun is silver,

The moon turned golden.

We all thought we were

In control.

We laugh as it crashes all around us

And dance our way through

The wreckage.

Shattering and scattering ourselves


The unknown cosmos.

Near and far we create new stars and light


Fiercely formed worlds with love.

Screaming and singing; sink and dissolve once again.

To root, bloom, reseed and

Create is all we know.

The rest is up to the others.