Monthly Archives: November 2016

Weight of Time


I wake

With the weight of

Time upon my chest.

I sit up startled by thunder and darkened sky.

Trembling, crying.

Trying to shake off these disturbing feelings


In my skin.

My thoughts in chaos.

Something I remember, but forgotten.

Residual yearnings in my heart

Left whispering gibberish.

It was just a dream, right?




The chain link creaking above me with each


So smooth the air on my face.

I close my eyes and feel as if i am flying.

I try to touch the clouds,

My heart leaping 

With each push of my legs to go


I giggle out loud as my tummy

Tumbles and dances and

Pleads for more.

What a heavenly feeling of which

I never tire.

Silence Between


Have you ever wandered city streets all night

To watch them go to sleep as darkness creeps

In cobblestone cracks

And shadows fall on windowsills?

Have you heard the silence between light and 


Or stood still enough to see secret dark doorways


Have you


The stretch,

The yawn of

Life stirring once again?

Or witnessed

The sinewy fingers of dawns rising;


Reaching into

The sleepy fractures

Of hearts dreaming?

The Clown


Once a week in elementary school

The art teacher

Would bring her cart into the classroom.

On a particular art lesson

She painted an example of a clown

Smiling. Colorful.

Reds and whites and blues.

In turn we were told to paint our own.

I sat and stared at my paint and paper

 While the other kids started.

I was always so unsure of myself, overthinking.

I looked around at my classmates


They were all copying the art teachers example.

I remember thinking it was strange,

All the same.

So i proceeded to paint


Black, blue and gray,

A frowning clown with a dead flower in

His hat.

( looking back now, I laugh))

Mine clashed with the rest. 

And they were all placed on display in the hallway all bright, except one looking quite out of sorts.

A sad sorry clown surrounded


Bright and happy ones.

The school contacted my parents and 

Thought perhaps they should seek counseling for me.



Soul on soul.

Becoming together.

Heated touch upon skin.

We  move nearer,  into one


In limbo no longer,

We collide.

We have been here eternally.

Lifetimes ago.

I was going mad waiting for you.

We carried an insanity in our minds

Until we realized,

Until we recognized the

Soulshine reflected in our eyes.

A familiarity known.