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Longest Ache


The longest ache.

Tears form in the corner of my eyes when

I remember the magic i felt,

The beauty I witnessed.

And I remember wiping

The red dust from my cheeks

So long ago.

The joy and the wonder a new sight can


The souls one meets that love a song.

To think


I did not believe.

It was another life now

And then another

And here I am still in wonder.

The longest ache sears through my veins.

The yearning remains.

The ancient beats within my heart reverberate

Through time unseen in synchronization with those who came before

And those yet to come.


You Decide


A red cardinal over there,

A mesquite tree over here.

Mother Nature shows me many creations.

The smell of wet saltgrass and dirt

Fill my senses.

This oak tree I am under,

Her leaves shine as if coated in silver

As raindrops sparkle setting delight afire

Within my heart.

Nature presents herself

As is,

The individual decides whether she is beautiful or not.

One of Them


You locked me in a room

Then turned off the circuit breakers leaving me

Alone in the dark.

You knew I was terrified of ghosts,

Turning up the music to drown out my cries.

Telling me the demons were waiting to

Devour me whole;

To take my soul.

You did not know that they would

Turn and take care of me.

You did not know my Warrior Ancestors were there and would teach me

That love is the spark within that never


I was not alone.

I learned to dance with my Ancestors and our

Beauty created an indistinguishable fire


I learned a timeless courage

And smiled at the challenge you created.

Thank you.

For without you

I would have never experienced

All this firsthand.

People would have spoke of these things and I would

Have dismissed them as crazy.

Now I am one of them.



I am


By this

Magnifying beauty

Of morning light piercing

Through singular beads of

Dew grouping;

Clinging to green grass and wildflowers

This side of the highway.


Simple refractions of


Such an uncomplicated masterpiece.

And I believe in magic.

Nature does not force

The outcome.

How blessed are we to witness a thing such as


Followed Me


I have seen the moon and the sun outside my 

The same moon and sun which  have followed 

Me since

My arrival.

Throughout my life on many continents,

They have been

In the same big sky 

Watching over me.

Sometimes they whisper,

“From here you look so beautiful,

So tiny.

Why do you continue to

Believe  your 

Problems are so big

And your beauty so small?”

Many Moons And Suns


Many moons

And suns have come and gone

Since you embarked on this journey.

Your feet light with

When you took your first steps

Now have become heavy


Impatience and doubt.

Remember your heart.

Remember your heart beating.

Remember the blood coursing through your veins.

Such life. Such beauty.

The moon and sun are still there with you and

They will not give up.

You will not give up.

Remember your heart.

Remember your heart beating,

And open your eyes.

Open them fully.

Breathe many breaths.

Open your eyes.


Truly you know, if you wish,

You can fly.