Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Stillness


Peace cannot come soon
I embrace it with all my being.
Every breath,
Every cell of me.
For my heart is
Most weary.
I have grown tired of wars
Within and without.
I suppose when you are spent is when you relent
To it;

The stillness.
Drained from the fight
You realize light is
The only way
You can
Rise another day;

To be love.



So many people feeling less than.

Surrounded by criticism.

Held hostage by

Those who hold onto forgiveness

And definitions

As power,

Desiring unobtainable perfection through their eyes alone.

Sweet soul,

You are perfectly perfect being human.

Perfection is accepting your humanness,

Our humanness

And the whole of us.

Our so called flaws are part of us.

They make us even more beautiful.