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No Delay


These spring flowers will not

Delay their blooming on our


Just because We are busy.

They wait for no human.

Nor the trees, come fall


Drop their leaves.

We are merely



All joining one another as our

Physical shells return to the earth

In the end.

We are the experience.




Spring is springing

And I cannot contain my excitement

As each morning new buds appear


Soil awakening.

Fresh colors bursting.


“Come alive with me!”

They do not make a fuss

As they appear,

Basking in whatever weather may be.

They delight. They delight.

As do I as I open my eyes;

Each morning more life.



Do not rush spring

Because winter

Was too long.
Enjoy the awakening

And the return of

Each flowers sweet scent.

The delicate unfolding of each petal.

Each opening of

Every new growth on the branch

Of the pussy willow

And push of the tenacious root through soil.

Feel the awakening of the moment

As they too welcome and embrace you.

In between


He’s the in between.

Born on the cusp.

He is winter in spring.

A flower blooming in the frigid cold,

Not sure where to go…..

He shines a light all his own.

Smiles to share yet

He cries alone.

On gilded wings she’s watched

Him fly too close to the sun.

So here she waits

Ready to catch him,

Ready to hold him

When he falls.

Wings singed;

Heart-tired he falls heavy.

She sings softly now

Cradling him in the in between.

Sharing her breath until he can

Breathe on his own once again.