Monthly Archives: September 2015

Maybe Tomorrow


Maybe he told you

But his voice was not heard above

The silence of the falling leaves.

Or the sharp snap of branches breaking in the

Autumn cold.

It happens.

You were busy doing the dishes and he had to rush

Out the door,


 The garbage truck was coming.

Someone had to take the trash

 To the curb.

Maybe tomorrow

You can listen.

Summer is Done


I open the window with anticipation.

There I hear the birds last summer song,

For summer is done.

Crisp autumn air wafts into the room

Sweeping away with it

Summer’s dust which has settled in the nooks

And crannies,


Not on open books.

My mind is filled with wondrous thoughts of

Falling leaves and cooler mornings to come.

I look to my garden for one last flower

To which

I find none.

She Sees Herself


No one has really ever known her.

Seen her.

It is because she seldom speaks up.

She is so tired of

Trying to be heard above the noise.

She does not share her stories anymore

So others just see her smile.

They feel her hugs.

They think she is the quiet girl,

The frail one

Because she is kind.

She is learning that she does not have to explain to anyone.

She used to try but her lips stop her now.

And her heart.

Someday she will meet someone who truly sees her.

Until then she sees herself and that is enough.

Under and Into


A chance encounter

On a

Sunny day.

Remains of a puddle on a crowded sidewalk.

I stepped to my left,

You stepped to your right

And there I was looking in your eyes.

It has been such a long time

But my heart does not recognize the clock.

Your hand brushed mine as we said hello.

And there I was

Thrown back in time.

Standing under that


Oak tree so long ago.

As if we never let go.

My heart beating quickly

As I fell under


Into your love.

Under the tree.

The old oak tree

So long ago.