She told you she would not cry when you

Walked away.

She lied.

She shut the gate behind herself in the


So you could not see

Her trembling steps;

Her trembling lips.

Her singing voice hid her sorrow.

You never learned her anyway.

Perhaps she will not open to trust

This lifetime.

Perhaps it is so,

But you will not know for your soul has

Agreed to move on.



My lovely friend,

Step outside

And howl at the moon

If you need to.

Stop holding back.

Stop fighting what every single

Cell in your creation is

Calling you to be.

To love

To dance

To sing

To run

To lie by the ocean

And fill yourself with the power

Of rolling thunder.

Your soul knows.

Your heart knows.

Set yourself free

And your mind will follow.

In the sweet embrace of all of you,

There you will be complete

And you will find

Universes yet to be


*originally published march, 2014 @choleintodiamonds*



Great tress manicured;

Cut and shaped to fit lest they overgrow

Space allotted them.

Aesthetically pleasant.

Cut the branch,

Rake the leaves.

Make it look like they never let go a mess to


The old and become

Stronger and taller.

Invisible cages even for them,

The mighty oaks.

Still they keep straining to grow to their full potential so naturally;

Roots creeping underneath us all as we go

About this and that.

This and that.

Light Filter


The air is chilly now and I am wishing I had

Thrown on a sweatshirt.


Lay down in the ground on my belly

And prop my chin up on my hands.

The evening sun is getting lower and I love

To watch as light filters through all of the different petals and leaves.

If I squint my eyes it looks like millions of stars

Are resting amongst the flowers just like me.

Old Streets


Came back to these old streets,

The path feels so natural beneath my feet.

Broken doorways,

They whisper my name.

They know me from before.

Now condemned;

Boarded windows

And graffiti walls.

No going back to

How it was.

Boards creak and walls speak.

They tell me,

“Move on little girl.

We loved you then,

We love you still.

Best be moving on.

Move along.

The ghosts who called you back

Be long gone.

There only remains residual

Energy of things turned to ash

Blowing now

In the wind.

Head East, or North

South or West.

It is best you move along.”