She sees him from behind the looking glass.

Only he knows where she lives in her heart.

Others fumbling

While he arrives;

She welcomes him


He brings with him a sorrow they share

And with that sorrow they build a funeral pyre;

Flames burning through the

Past to the now and they rise

As one in waves of heat and light

In love.

There they remain

To dance.

To sing,



Hear the music.



No human can magically turn you into something you are not;

A caterpillar turns itself into a butterfly.

We share information,

We share ideas,

But the individual has to do the internal work.

We have our own magic and the humble honest teacher

Leads only by example ,

For they realize they themselves are the ever learning student

as well.

We each have knowledge and experience to share;

wearing not one label or the other in the flow.

Trust your knowing.



She doesn’t wish to spend the rest of her life believing in everyone else but herself,

So today she took the tiniest step

And exhaled all the breaths she had been holding internally for dear life .

It may remain unseen to others

but in her world it is the biggest,

Most beautiful move she’s made that she can recall,

Maybe even in her whole life.

It’s time to move on brave girl.