Monthly Archives: January 2015

It’s Okay


It’s okay

She cried.

I’m okay she said.

And picked herself up again,


She picked herself up again

Brushing of the dirt.

Giggling at the hurt.

Bloody knees

And scarred hands.

She wiped away the tears before anyone

Knew what happened.

She walked away like nothing had occurred.

Before anyone might see…

That it hurt.

It hurt so bad.

It hurt in her heart

Where no one could see.

She always made it seem so easy.

Getting back up

With bloody


And bruises

In places

No one could see.

It Starts With One


It starts with one mind.

It starts with one heart.

To become love

And let go of anger.

And there the one shares with


Let go of judgements of strangers.

Then the two become the four

And exponentially

We let go.

Embrace anew

As love recognizes hate

No more.

Alter the tide.

What becomes reality for one

Becomes the reality


The Sum.


Let not your eyes deceive you

As you look in the mirror.

The blood that we shed

Is no other color

But red.

Lights On


She always has a smile

And is such a good girl.

Would never do anything

To make you feel bad.

Would never let you know when she is


And so,

She walks herself home

Most nights

And sleeps with the lights on.

Though she is always there,

You never notice when she has gone,


Staying on the edge of the shadows,

She sits at home alone



If she is real

Or if

The others are just ghosts in the light.