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Old Streets


Came back to these old streets,

The path feels so natural beneath my feet.

Broken doorways,

They whisper my name.

They know me from before.

Now condemned;

Boarded windows

And graffiti walls.

No going back to

How it was.

Boards creak and walls speak.

They tell me,

“Move on little girl.

We loved you then,

We love you still.

Best be moving on.

Move along.

The ghosts who called you back

Be long gone.

There only remains residual

Energy of things turned to ash

Blowing now

In the wind.

Head East, or North

South or West.

It is best you move along.”




She stood staring at the monument,

Her mind taken back

To then.

Was that the same wind blowing through her hair

That blew

On a day so very long ago?

Has it just been traveling the world;

Been out there somewhere waiting to hear her heart beat again?

Now she was

Afraid to turn around.

Not ready to leave,

Fearful the tears would fall

And a passerby would stare.

They would most likely

Assume she must be drunk or out of her mind.

No, she teetered on the edge and almost plunged


She was

Simply sad.

Just plain sad. People do not like to see that





Be mindful

Those generational ghosts you bring forward;

Those in your own heart and mind which no Longer


We are teaching children to fear them.

We are born fearless.

We are born fresh and

We are born free of past regrets.

Do not dump your unhealed bits on them, the Children.

Lessons abound from the past. Still, let us refrain from planting our pain in the child’s heart.

She Was Told


She was told by several someones

Over the years

To toughen up.

(She was a terribly shy girl prone to tears)

But you see

What these people did not know;

She had been toughened up.

She had been beaten up.

Physically bruised,

Emotionally submerged in confusion.

Touched where she should not have been touched

She had almost been destroyed.

Bloody noses,

Pulled hair ,

Black and blue.

She had been toughened up

In ways that people could not see in the now

And somehow through all of this

Emerged an invisible strength.

Her tears were not always of sorrow,

They were of terror.

She is thankful to have had magic souls



Teach her how to turn

All of the turmoil of the past


Joy and gratefullness.



In my complacency
And desire to be loved
I, in a time past, allowed others

To tie

Their defintions
To my ankles,
My hands.
I allowed them
To obstruct my lips,
My breath
Ragged and strained
I fell to my knees
In shame.
In shame for what?
For simply being myself.

Speak Again


And some come into your life to see

The aftermath.

To see you exhausted and easily startled.

They do not know you are spent from fighting.

From being strong for so long.

But you know,

You know.

You will speak again

When you are ready my darling.

Until then be at ease

With peace.

Breathe and see yourself.

You have to remind yourself,

It is only the echo.





The past is the past.