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In Between


You are the moon

And the the stars and

The air in between that touches me,

That fills me and empties me;

The gravity and the lack thereof,


And all the time.

Pulling me, freeing me.

My lungs, my heart, my mind and skin

Crave and weep.

Bliss. Rhapsody.

I want more.


Rock Me


Meet me in the quiet,

In the undisturbed peace.

Meet where stillness lies

And I won’t say a thing.

Rock me oh so gently,

In your rhythmic beating heart.

Rock me in the silence

And I won’t fall apart.

Swim with me in the waters.

Let your essence drift with mine.

Swim with me in utter bliss

Where there is nothing left to find.

*originally published 2013 *choleintodiamonds*



I have felt every word

He writes.

I collect each letter;

Capital and lower case,

Exclamation points,

Question marks and all.

I put them in my heart.

Little folded notes of love and disdain.

Magic spells to remind


I am not alone.

And I tiptoe and

Dance to his lyrics

When I am solitaire.


In the forest

Under the moonlight too,

With a passion free.

Just me

And his

Smile when I close my eyes.

Tingling and giddy I cannot help but

Fall into an endless spiral.

Down into the

Moss beneath my feet.

Secret bliss.

The Dock


The boat is easing up to the dock.

My friend you have returned

And tears fill my eyes.

Alas the reflection of the summer sun

Upon the water stings my eyes

As I frantically search for you.

My heartstrings play your name as my feet

Carry me to you.

Arms and legs no longer heavy.

Heartbeats fall into sync.

Our smiles speak of perfect happiness.

Bliss unspoken.

And there upon the dock we are home.