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In Between


You are the moon

And the the stars and

The air in between that touches me,

That fills me and empties me;

The gravity and the lack thereof,


And all the time.

Pulling me, freeing me.

My lungs, my heart, my mind and skin

Crave and weep.

Bliss. Rhapsody.

I want more.



My lovely friend,

Step outside

And howl at the moon

If you need to.

Stop holding back.

Stop fighting what every single

Cell in your creation is

Calling you to be.

To love

To dance

To sing

To run

To lie by the ocean

And fill yourself with the power

Of rolling thunder.

Your soul knows.

Your heart knows.

Set yourself free

And your mind will follow.

In the sweet embrace of all of you,

There you will be complete

And you will find

Universes yet to be


*originally published march, 2014 @choleintodiamonds*



There are no words to write.

No words to say.

That is okay.

There is more beauty than can be explained. There is more space between than can be fathomed.

More sense.

More healing.

Do not force what is not meant just to fill a space.

Let it be itself, let it be free, unchained.

Let it flow onward and away.

There is peace in nothing to say.

No more to add.

No more to take away.

Continue in stillness.



She was born in the wild,
Immersed in nature from first breath.


No mirrors

Just freedom.


You see,

She was the wild.

People tried to change her.

They tried to shorten her breaths,

Her wonder.

She bounded too high

Her steps held no path in mind.

Over downed trees she would leap without a

Second thought.

Scratches from sticker bush and branches

Made her laugh.

Brambles in her hair.

And her heart raced at the sight of the bear

And the squirrel;

All the same in the wild.

All one living and breathing being,


For together they felt the dirt

On their bare skin. Raw.

The berries and the fiddle fern

Filled her appetite.

Cold mountain waters quenched her thirst.

The wild was her foundation, her breath,

Her heart, her skin.

Her stillness.

She is the wild.



Her secret is this,
(Though she has been set free)

Sometimes she longs for the

False safety of her prison

Yet wakes up at night in

A sweat

From a nightmare

That she has returned.

Sleep does not welcome her


After that.


Motionless for fear of

Being caught,

She will not blink.

Covers soaked and wrapped around her as if

Some magical

Shield from monsters and beasts.

In the darkness she hides.

She prays

For peace within

A prison of a

Different sort.