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Wild Unknown


Chilly winter.

Sun sets kaleidoscopic sparkles afire.

Kitty sits by the window

Looking ready to pounce on

An unsuspecting bunny.

How he longs to be free

Just like little bunny.

Oh, but what a rude awakening it would be for him to be suddenly left in the wild to fend for himself.

So dream he will

From the warmth of my lap

Of wild days unknown to him this life.




Share your song love

Whether sad or


Anything in between.

Sing, dance and see.

Break hearts and minds open as only you can

With your gifts.



Your beat


Move your feet.

Laugh out loud.


Let the tears flow,

Let your body go, move to your rhythm.

Your vibration,

Let it travel;

Let it flow,

Let it go.

The love you share heals.

You are the gift itself.

We are gifts.


My lovely friend,

Step outside

And howl at the moon

If you need to.

Stop holding back.

Stop fighting what every single

Cell in your creation is

Calling you to be.

To love

To dance

To sing

To run

To lie by the ocean

And fill yourself with the power

Of rolling thunder.

Your soul knows.

Your heart knows.

Set yourself free

And your mind will follow.

In the sweet embrace of all of you,

There you will be complete

And you will find

Universes yet to be


*originally published march, 2014 @choleintodiamonds*



There are no words to write.

No words to say.

That is okay.

There is more beauty than can be explained. There is more space between than can be fathomed.

More sense.

More healing.

Do not force what is not meant just to fill a space.

Let it be itself, let it be free, unchained.

Let it flow onward and away.

There is peace in nothing to say.

No more to add.

No more to take away.

Continue in stillness.