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We cannot change the past

But we certainly can make sure we send nothing but love

Into the future.

We can refuse to continue throwing

Hate and anger into the future for the children to clean up.

We are here and we are now.

We are not living anyones life but our own.

We are here and now.

What can we do in the here and now to love?

Forgive. Honor. Cherish. Listen.

We can refuse to throw debris and the weight of hate forward into little hearts and hands

To catch.

We lay it down here.

We let it go now

So they may be free;

Have room to

Hold, love, carry and help.


Is enough.

Accept we are enough and they too are enough.

Love is enough.

Loving hearts, loving minds and loving actions.



Because of all the discord and chaos

Surrounding me

As a child

I learned to listen beyond what I heard.

And I learned to delve into deep and quiet Places


Unnoticed to go untouched.

Adults. Objects thrown with insults. Hits leaving bruises; drawing blood. Trembling tears.


What I heard and saw


Was hearts breaking.

The Dock


The boat is easing up to the dock.

My friend you have returned

And tears fill my eyes.

Alas the reflection of the summer sun

Upon the water stings my eyes

As I frantically search for you.

My heartstrings play your name as my feet

Carry me to you.

Arms and legs no longer heavy.

Heartbeats fall into sync.

Our smiles speak of perfect happiness.

Bliss unspoken.

And there upon the dock we are home.