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You can take pen to paper

And write how lovely she is,

How your heart beats steady when you are

With her.

She will think it was for a girl long gone,

The one you could not have.

You could play her songs of love

And hold her close.

She will believe that you dream of someone 

Else with more beauty,

More elegance.

You could hold her hand and draw her near,

She will never believe

She is good enough,

Smart enough,

Strong enough,

Pretty enough.

She will always believe you want more of someone else.




Do not take lightly the pain
Of another because they do not hurt like you,

(measuring with your eyes

that which cannot be poured into a cup)
Honor another’s soul (and your own)
And know that pain is pain;

yet again relative only to each persons heart and soul

We need to sit and listen more
Be gentle
Be love
And validate
Look each other in the eyes
And say  (to yourself as well)
“I know you exist.
I see you,
I feel you.
You are worthy
And you are enough.”


She Sees Herself


No one has really ever known her.

Seen her.

It is because she seldom speaks up.

She is so tired of

Trying to be heard above the noise.

She does not share her stories anymore

So others just see her smile.

They feel her hugs.

They think she is the quiet girl,

The frail one

Because she is kind.

She is learning that she does not have to explain to anyone.

She used to try but her lips stop her now.

And her heart.

Someday she will meet someone who truly sees her.

Until then she sees herself and that is enough.

Come Here


Muddy trucks


Messy hair.

Don’t stop to think twice

We’ll dance anywhere.

Too busy living we don’t care.


No time for fretting when love is

In the


The sun is high

The time is now

Don’t care where,

Gotta live now.

The choice is yours

The choice is clear

Living and laughter

When there’s love in the air.

We’re not worried about where this

Road will go

We just know

We woke up alive.


Come here


And give me your hand.

We don’t have time to

Stand here and talk about

Meaningless stuff.

(The meaning of life)

The only way to get it right

Is to try.

And you know,

And I know

We’ve both had enough.

Let’s get moving.

What are you waiting for?

There’s more to life

(Don’t just talk about it)


If you are done waiting,

I’m anticipating

Some good times ahead.