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Forgotten windows and doors.

Rotten Wood


Rusty keyholes.

Spider webs and creepy crawlies underfoot.

Dare I peek behind the vined curtain?

Afraid to see who is watching me;

My legs shaking and betray my steady hand.

Hearing the echoes of heartbeats as I stand

Still and hold my breath.

Has time been forgotten


Or is it merely waiting motionless

In the veil of between

Aching and remembering touch?




Childhood days.

There was a tiny little apartment building next to our trailer park.

Sometimes on a summers evening a man would stand by his open window and play the bagpipes.

A private concert for us.

Whoever heard first would shout to the rest of us.

We all would clamor and climb the fence to sit on top of it,

To watch and listen.

It was eerily quiet when he stopped and closed his window. At least until we climbed down off the fence

To resume playing whatever it was we were playing in our imaginary world.

The momentary suspension of time


Never spoke to him

But enjoyed the music.

Still remember the mystery and fascination with the melodies.



Time is collapsing around us.

No one knows what day it is;

Everyone is pretending they do anyway.

We see and willingly

Slide into the vortex.

Atoms colliding once inside,

We ride and sway in the motion

So naturally.

Quantum connection realized.

Nothing left to hide.

Truth left revealed

And it is




End of the line.

I met my divine nature;

The truth glaring at me.

A reflection

In a puddle of mud.

I stomp on the ground sending

Ripples through time,

The grit sticking to my heels

Making my steps heavier than

I thought possible.

My mind now stuck,

Held in unmoving animation.

Sucked into a substance

Soft and cement,

Oxygen creating suction


Sweat trickles down into

The ground,

Pouring out



Of all I ever believed.

Tick Tock


We all know times flows and it


Fast when we want it slow,

And slow when we want it to move fast.

But it is true

Things will happen when they happen

And we will get there when we get there.

Without a clock time

Still somehow moves,

So do our hearts

And our very cells.

So just be grateful and stop your fretting

Because letting go of all that worry,

That Tick Tock hurry,

Will set you free.



Every emotion
Felt in a lifetime

Crashing in my gut all at once.

You and I

Face to face.

Loss for words.

Our voices faltering anyway

At the enormity of emotion

In a touch,

A gasp.

And breathing is enough.

Our hands know the way,

We know the way.

The thrill.

Euphoria ignited.

And there we meet together as if

On the very head of a pin.

All thoughts dissolving,

Look no more.

Space-time blooms evermore

And hearts erupt in unison.



You and I

Every inch of skin


Heartbeats thump through


A morse code coursing


Body language

Perceiving intuitively

Where to go,

When to move,

When to breath.

Stillness absolute.